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Fixed Revenue Program

Istion’s Fixed Revenue Program is our unencumbered, worry-free yacht ownership program. You will be the owner of a deluxe sailboat berthed at any of our 7 select bases throughout Greece and collect a risk-free guaranteed income.

The guaranteed income can range from 8% to 12% on the boat’s value depending on yacht type and configuration for up to 6 consecutive years with zero operating expenses (mooring, insurance, maintenance), and with Istion undertaking the yacht’s operation, management & professional care and expenses in whole. You purchase the yacht, leave it in Istion’s care and enjoy worry-free yacht ownership while maintaining your owner’s use privilege to sail your yacht!

Program Advantages: You will be making a risk-free investment, with no hassle about performance and return while being able to enjoy the privilege of private use for up to 4 weeks per year through advanced booking or unlimited use in short notice or off season.

Program Privileges: Platinum Membership in Istion World Club - Phase-out Brokerage by Istion

Available Yacht Brands: Lagoon - Beneteau - Jeanneau - Bali - Dufour

Early Termination: At yearly intervals. In case you wish to exit the program earlier than the standard 6 years, you may do so at the end of the year that you wish to end the program.

For Owner use in Low season operational charges are applicable
Owner use time and guaranteed income rate are subject to agreement depending on the specific yacht type and configuration.

Interested in our Fixed Income Program? Contact our management team with any questions!