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Istion Flex Open Plan Program

Istion Flex Open Plan Program

Our Open Plan Program is a management program dedicated to owners who already have a suitable yacht or those who intent to purchase one of our select second hand yachts and enter our charter fleet in Greece for a period of up to 5 years.

The Open Plan Program remunerates in the form of percentage on the turnover on the charter contract value realized by the yacht minus management & operation costs (mooring, insurance and maintenance). Istion is providing the marketing for the charters and full-time charter brokerage support. The owner retains the option to choose if they will be leveraging Istion’s Management & Professional Care and Phase-Out Brokerage Services. The owner retains the advantage of unlimited owner use either for charters or private sailing!

Program Advantages: You will be choosing a turn-key solution best suited for professional yacht owners seeking to maximize their return via a competitive advantage in charter brokerage and yacht operation. You will be benefiting from Istion’s 25 years’ experience and strategic partnerships within a broad network of partners worldwide. Moreover, unlimited owner’s use can be utilized either for charters or for private use, a choice which remains at the owner’s discretion. The program can be extended for 3 more years (5 + 3 Years).

Program Privileges: Silver Membership in Istion World Club - Phase-out Brokerage by Istion

Available Yacht Brands: All brands upon agreement

Early Termination: At yearly intervals. In case you wish to exit the program earlier than the standard 5 years, you may do so at the end of the year that you wish to end the program.

Owner’s Revenue on income minus expenses basis; 70% on net charter fee minus management and operation cost

Interested in our Less for More Program? Contact our management team with any questions!