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Less for More Program

Our Less for More Program is Istion’s proposal to make yacht ownership feasible for those who dream of owning their own luxury Yacht with a minimum down payment! With Istion providing you your entry way into yacht ownership, you are now able to acquire a yacht without having to be actively involved!

Istion offers tailor-made solutions for the prospective yacht owner who seeks for additional financing of up to 45% on the Yacht Purchase Value. This program is designed to fulfill the expectations and meet the needs of this type of owner through various alternatives of Direct Owner Financing or Forward Sale Agreements.

In this program, Istion undertakes up to 45% of the yacht’s purchase cost and also the operating expenses for a time frame of up to 6,5 years. For this period of time Istion is responsible for the yacht’s operation and performance, providing full-time Management and Professional Care Services. During this period, the yacht finances itself while you can enjoy up to 4 weeks owner’s use with advanced booking and unlimited private use in short notice during the off season.

Program Advantages: You will be choosing a turn-key solution that will allow you to become the proud owner of a luxury yacht which will be financing itself for the duration of the program, while being able to enjoy your own vacations on your owned yacht! The program’s duration depends on the initial percentage financed by the Owner as well as on the specific conditions of the purchase agreement.

Program Privileges: Silver Membership in Istion World Club - Phase-out Brokerage by Istion

Available Yacht Brands: Lagoon - Beneteau - Jeanneau - Bali - Dufour

Early Termination: Termination of the program is subject to the agreement

2 of the Owner’s use weeks are in Low/Semilow season – operation charges apply

Interested in our Open Plan Program? Contact our management team with any questions!