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Charter Insurance

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Deposit Insurance

Charter yachts usually have fully comprehensive hull insurance. The charter company and its insurance company will usually have agreed a deductible (retention) payable in the event of damage occurring.
The deductible normally corresponds to the security deposit paid by the charterer. If damage is sustained by the yacht during the sailing trip, the charter company is entitled to retain all or part of the security deposit paid. This guarantee insurance for charter security deposits cover this financial risk.
Our insurance for charter deposits does not require payment of a deductible.

Skipper’s Liability Insurance

The cover sum is EUR 10,000,000.00 for personal injury and damage to property.

Skipper`s Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability of the policy holder in his capacity as a charterer and operator of a yacht - anywhere in the world.

The insurance policy covers:

• Damage to a chartered yacht where gross negligence is proven.
• Compensation claims of the crew members among one another.
• Security deposits up to EUR 125,000.00 where the yacht is impounded in a foreign port.
• Claims of the owner for loss of charter income as a result of culpable significant damage to the yacht up to EUR 25,000.00.

Cancellation of travel costs insurance incl. curtailment of travel insurance

If the skipper is rendered incapable through an insured event/ circumstance, the costs of the entire charter sailing trip will be compensated with a deduction for the payable excess (deductible). If a crew member is rendered incapable, this insurance will pay the appropiate proportional amount of compensation less the payable excess (deductible). The curtailment of travel during the sailing trip is also insured.

The cancellation of travel costs insurance will pay compensation as follows:

I. If the skipper is unable to be present at the start of travel and the entire charter must therefore be cancelled, the policy will pay the incident cancellation costs in respect of the skipper and crew.
II. If a crew member is unable to start the travel, the policy will pay compensation for the proportional charter price for that crew member.
III. The cancellation of travel costs insurance, moreover, will compensate the unused part of the charter fee if the sailing trip is curtailed due to an insured event/circumstance.

Skipper's Passenger Accident Insurance

The Passenger Accident Insurance covers accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and the crew (based on crew list). In the event of injury the insured amount will be divided among the registered persons. If only the skipper is insured, he will be entitled to the full insured amount.
The cover provided by this insurance includes:

• Accidents when using the dinghy.
• Transporting body back home in event of death.
• The medically necessary return of injured person(s) to home town.
• Injuries typically sustained in diving, such as injuries including compression sickness or eardrum injuries as well as drowning or suffication
• The insurance policy also covers accidents where the insured person is unexpectedly affected by war or civil war abroad.
• Rescue costs in the event of a heart attack or stroke. The insurance covers search missions for persons injured in an accident even where the occurrence of an accident is only assumed. Also covered are nautical emergencies or severe damage to the vessel.
• Please note: Taking part in regattas or motorboat races is only covered where a supplement is paid.



With Pantaenius insurance solutions for charter customers, the insurance cover adapts to your individual needs.
Available Insurance Options:
Skipper's liability insurance

Skipper's liability insurance covers damage that is caused to third parties through the use of the chartered motor or sailing yacht and tender by the skipper and crew. Included in the insured risks are damage to other ships and to harbor or jetty installations. Damage arising from gross negligence on the chartered ship and not covered by the lessor's hull insurance is also included. Also included are cover for cancellation of charter, confiscation, hotel and transport costs and financial loss.
Trip Cancellation Costs Insurance

Return journey cost insurance reimburses any contractually payable charter cancellation costs and outward and return travel costs arising from the non-availability of a non-commercial skipper or of one or more crew members, or, if the journey is abandoned after commencement, any additionally incurred return journey costs and the relevant portion of the charter costs.
Travel Health Insurance

In addition to costs of medical treatment, medication and admission to hospital, foreign travel health insurance reimburses any return ambulance transport to the home country or repatriation costs in case of death.
Personal Accident Insurance

The accident insurance in our charter package provides cover in cases of death and invalidity, including a number of aspects that are not protected by general accident insurance. Skipper and crew are insured during private use of the chartered yacht, tenders and water-sports equipment and for trips ashore of up to 48 hours.
Bond Insurance

Bond insurance covers the financial risk in cases where the lessor retains the bond provided, in full or in part –whether or not this is justified.

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