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Yacht Charters
from Lefkas

Explore the Ionian Islands from Lefkas!

Our charter base on the island of Lefkas (Lefkada) is perfect for exploring the Ionian islands including the popular islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia to the south and Corfu to the north, as well as a multitude of smaller gorgeous islands in between. Given the close proximity of all these destinations, feel free to choose which islands you want to visit visit and which route you fell like taking!

Our fleet in Lefkas is located at the D-Marin Lefkas Marina, with plenty of options for shopping and dining prior to or after your charter. For those of you pressed for time, we also have a charter base in Preveza, a mere 10-minute taxi ride from Aktion Airport, through which most visitors to Lefkas also arrive.

Our Charter Fleet in Lefkas

Our boats in Lefkas are available for both bareboat and skippered rentals and and include a wide variety of our most popular sailing yachts and catamarans. Special charter arrangements are also available including single day charters for sightseeing and rentals for special events including company excursions, weddings or honeymoon trips.

Arriving at Lefkas Marina

D-Marin Lefkas marina is located on the east side of the island, accessed from the island through a road bridge. The marina is a short 25-minute taxi ride from the main Aktion Airport (Preveza), through which most European charter flights arrive. Public transport options are also available.

If you are arriving as a group, we are happy to organise a private transfer for you and your party from the airport by minibus. Just let us know the details of your arrival and we will advise accordingly.

See more details and reviews on our Lefkas Charter base Google Maps listing.

Meet the Istion Team at Lefkas Marina

Welcome to Lefkas Marina, where your unforgettable sailing holiday will begin! Led by our base manager, Andreas and supported by a dedicated team including Vangelis, Konstantina, Zeta and Angelos, we strive to make every moment of your time in Greece exceptional. Together, our goal is to deliver an unforgettable sailing adventure, with a focus on exceptional service, support, and a carefree experience you'll treasure forever.

Sailing Itineraries from Lefkas

From our base in Lefkas one week charters typically head south towards Kefalonia and Zakynthos or north towards Corfu including mainland harbours like Syvota and Parga. Two week charters give time to cover more area or simply spend more time exploring the spots you are visiting. Below we present a sample one week itinerary of our favourite southern route.

The Southern Ionian Islands

Known for relatively mild winds during the summer, the Ionian Sea is a sailing playground ideal for smooth sailing and family vacation, featuring endless swimming and idyllic nights in isolated bays of unique beauty. Lefkas island itself is full of tranquil coves and bays which one could spend many day exploring!

To the south of Lefkas lies the island of Kefalonia, and a little further Zakynthos. Both are large, well-known touristic islands with a ton of fun things to do, beautiful places to visit, turquoise waters to dive in, and historic sites to visit. On the way from Lefkas to Kefalonia there are many smaller islands well worth a visit, including the amazing Ithaki and the smaller islands of Kalamos and Kastos of the mainland coast.

The Northern Ionian Islands

To the north of Lefkas lies Corfu (where we have our Corfu charter base), the largest of the Ionian islands, and hands-down the most cosmopolitan of them all. Over the course of its long and distinguished history, Corfu, or Kerkyra, has experienced Italian, French and English rule, each leaving a very distinct imprint on the island and its inhabitants. A mixture of different civilizations and cultures blended together into an amalgam that is undoubtedly Greek in character, and yet truly unique from the rest of Greece.

Heading towards Corfu will usually take you through the mainland ports of northern Greece, including Syvota and Parga, and allowing you to explore the amazing islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi along the way.

A One Week Sailing Itinerary from Lefkas

Day 1: Lefkas to Meganissi (10-15 nautical miles, 2-3 hours sailing)

Today, we set sail from Lefkas marina, heading south through the canal that separates Lefkas island from the mainland. As we leave the canal, we see the rocky islet of Volios on our left and the castle of Agios Georgios on the mainland coast.

Consider stopping at the charming coves and beaches on the mainland coast (Aspros Gialos, Marathia, Varko beach) before continuing south. Alternatively, visit Skorpios, known for its green waters and rumored to be Jackie Kennedy's favorite island. Be aware of the thermal wind during midday hours and the Chiromytis reef near Skorpios, which requires careful navigation.

Our destination for the night is the picturesque Vathi on Meganissi island, with two docking options: the private Odyseas Marina or the small free harbor at the bottom of the bay. Depths here are suitable for various boat sizes. Enjoy traditional fish taverns, beach bars, and the natural beauty of the area. Other overnight options include Spilia, Atherinos, or Kapsali.

Day 2: Meganissi to Ithaca - Vathi (20 nautical miles, 3-4 hours sailing)

Start the day with a refreshing morning swim at Desimi Beach Bay, just 3nm west of Vathi. Next, visit the southern part of Meganisi and the famous Papanikoli Cave, named after a Greek World War II submarine. Be aware however that anchoring is not suitable in this area.

Be cautious of the thermal wind that occurs during midday hours and stronger winds near Vathi, as they arise from the central part of Ithaca island. Today's overnight destination is either Vathi, the capital of Ithaca island, or the picturesque Kioni. While Kioni offers a peaceful ambiance, beautiful beaches, and lush forest hikes, the cosmopolitan Vathi caters to those seeking more lively entertainment. Before reaching Ithaca, consider stopping at the islet of Atokos (One House Bay) for a swim.

In Vathi, there are stern or side mooring options on the southern and eastern sides of the harbor, with depths ranging from 2m to over 4m. Anchoring offshore in the bay is also possible, with depths at 10m and good holding potential, however be prepared for strong north-westerly afternoon winds. Other overnight stay options on Ithaca include Kioni, Frikes, or Pera Pigadi.


Day 3: Ithaca to Kefalonia – Agia Efimia (distances and times vary based on route)

Begin your day with a swim at one of the beaches of Gidaki, Filiatro, or Pera Pegadi if you sail southeast of Ithaca. Alternatively, sail to the northern side of the island and cross the Ithaca-Kefalonia strait to stop for a swim at Agios Nikolaos or Afales. According to legend, the Castle of Odysseus was located in Afales, and underwater findings at 15m depth now support this claim.

Be aware of the stronger thermal effect in the strait of Ithaca-Kefalonia, with wind and waves directed from north to south. Beam reach sailing is recommended for a comfortable cruise. Exercise caution near the rocky islet of Daskalio.

Tonight's overnight stay is at the harbor of Agia Efimia in the northern part of Sami Bay. The municipal port offers water and electricity for a fee. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the enchanting Melissani Lake, approximately 5km from your mooring point. If you're up for a hike, consider the 9.5km trail to the world-famous Myrtos beach.

In Agia Efimia, dock in the northern part of the harbor with sea depths over 3m or the eastern part with depths reaching 5m. Alternatively, anchor in the bay with depths at 4m but be cautious of the bathing area at the western part of the bay. Enjoy traditional taverns and cafes just a few meters from your boat.

Day 4: Skala and Agios Nikolaos (25 nautical miles, 5 hours sailing)

Today, sail to Zakynthos, the southernmost destination on your itinerary. This 25nm journey features the most spectacular landscapes and natural treasures of the Ionian Sea, including Shipwreck Bay and the Blue Caves. Along the way, visit Antisamos Beach for extreme water sports and Skala Beach at the southern coast of Kefalonia for unforgettable photo opportunities.

Be prepared for stronger winds in the southernmost part of Kefalonia and exercise caution around the Kakava shallows outside Skala. Maintain an offshore distance of about 2nm from the coast.

The tranquil harbor of Agios Nikolaos offers a pleasant overnight stay, with a mesmerizing natural landscape and modern entertainment options, including traditional taverns and cozy cafes. Before docking, visit the famous Blue Caves, just 1.5 nautical miles from the harbor, and plan for a morning visit to the Shipwreck as it's nearby.

Approach Agios Nikolaos harbor either from the northern or southern side of the rocky islet of Agios Nikolaos. Avoid the south side for anchorage as it serves fishing boats and ferries. Berth on the western side, where depths are about 2m. Ensure your anchor has enough span to secure your berth during strong ripples caused by the ferry's arrival.

Day 5: Zakynthos to Kefalonia - Poros (23 nautical miles, 4-5 hours sailing)

Start your day with a morning swim at the famous Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, one of the most iconic beaches in the Ionian Sea. Visit early, as local daily cruises can become crowded after 10 am. Be prepared for the usual early afternoon swell, even without wind. The sea depth in the area is sufficient for safe navigation and anchorage in the middle of the bay.

Tonight's destination is Kefalonia, where you have various options in the eastern part of the island. A suggested stop is the port of Poros, located 23 nm from Shipwreck beach. Near the port, below the town's square, you'll find an organized sandy beach, traditional taverns, and bars for your entertainment.

When approaching Poros, watch out for wind spirals (gusts) from the north. Avoid berthing at the large dock, as it serves daily ferries connecting Kefalonia with Zakynthos and Kyllini. Instead, dock in the south-southwest side of the harbor, where depths are over 2m and the anchor grips well on the sandy seabed. 

Day 6: Kefalonia to Lefkas - Sivota (25 nautical miles, 5 hours sailing)

Begin your return journey from Poros to Fiskardo, crossing the Ithaca-Kefalonia strait in the opposite direction (south to north). Morning hours offer the best weather conditions for sailing. Discover hidden gems for a morning swim along the way, and if you haven't already, visit Fiskardo for lunch. You can moor in Fiskardo harbor on the south and west sides, with depths over 2.5m and 3m, respectively. If all berths are occupied, stern to the rocks on the north side, where the depth is over 3m.

Sivota, a picturesque seaside village on the southern coast of Lefkas is an ideal destination for your last night. Each tavern in Sivota provides its own floating pier for free docking, water, and electricity. According to Dörpfeld's theory, Odysseus landed in Sivota on his way back to Ithaca. Mooring in Sivota requires a safe spot at one of the floating piers owned by local taverns, with assistance generously offered by the locals upon arrival. Alternatively, you can anchor in the middle of the bay where the seabed is over 4m deep. 

Day 7: Back to Lefkas Marina

The last sailing day includes several popular and famous swimming spots on the western side of Lefkas island. Vassiliki Beach, in the southwestern part of the island, is known to be one of the best in the world for windsurfing. As you head further north, enjoy the waters at Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Megali Petra, and Agios Nikitas beaches, all top tourist destinations worldwide.

As you approach the town of Lefkas from the north side, you'll need to cross the floating bridge of the island. Be cautious and mindful of several important points during this process. First, ensure a safe passage outside Ammoglossa, where the size of the sandbar varies each year due to sand deposition. A green light indicates the entry point here. The floating bridge opens every hour, with priority given to incoming boats. There's a dock for side mooring while you wait for the bridge to open.

After crossing the canal, stay close to the starboard side between the green and red lights. First, on your right, you'll see the port and the town of Lefkas. Following that, Lefkas Marina appears at the end of the harbor and you have returned back to base.


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