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Explore the Dodecanese Islands from Kos!

Kos is the island of Hippocrates, considered to be the founder of modern medicine. A crossroad of civilizations, from neolithic times to the end of 20th century colonialism, Kos bears proudly impressive remnants of wonderful ancient monuments as well as many Italian neo-colonial buildings, which in fact still dominate central spots of the city with their distinctive and beautiful architectural style.

Our yacht charter base on the island of Kos is perfect for exploring the Dodecanese Islands, including the popular islands of Rhodes and Patmos and the relaxed, offbeat islands of Leros, Symi and Tilos.

Kos is easily accessible by charter flights from most European countries or by a short 50-minute connecting flight from Athens Airport.

Our Charter Fleet in Kos

Our boats in Kos are available for both skippered and bareboat rentals and include a wide variety of our most popular sailing yachts and catamarans. Special charter arrangements are also available including private day trips/tours and rentals for special events including company excursions, weddings and honeymoon trips.

Getting to Kos Marina

Kos Marina and its immediate vicinity, located on the northeast tip of the island within Kos town, offers plenty of sightseeing, shopping and dining options. From Kos Airport the Marina is a mere 22km, less than 30-minute taxi ride.

Public transport options are also available. If you are arriving as a group, we are happy to organize a private transfer for you from the airport by minibus with our reliable partners, so simply let us know the details of your arrival and we will advise accordingly.

See more details and reviews on our Kos Charter base Google Maps listing.

Sailing Itineraries from Kos

Kos is situated in the heart of the Dodecanese islands, featuring endless possibilities for those who either enjoy sailing, historical exploration, nightlife, the tranquility and relaxation of numerous isolated bays, or all of the above combined. All of the 14 beautiful, unique islands in the Dodecanese are worth visiting and sailing around. One who wishes to see most, if not all, of the marvels we call the Dodecanese, should reserve sufficient time to do so, which is precisely our first and foremost recommendation!

The Northern Dodecanese Islands

To the north of Kos most sailing itineraries are centered around the islands of Kalminos with its rich tradition of sponge fishing, laid back Leros, and the beautiful island of Patmos, famous for the 13th century Monastery of Saint John. Each of these islands can fill up days of your time! Feel free to plot any course you want around them! Or, should you run out of ideas, we are always happy to suggest routes and provide all available info!

The Southern Dodecanese Islands

To the south of Kos lies Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, rich in history and full of life! A one-week sailing itinerary from Kos to Rhodes will usually include the island of Symi and its picturesque harbor, guaranteed to remain imprinted in your memory with its combination of color and architectural grace, and the island of Nysiros with its still active volcano! For those with a flexible itinerary, we also have a charter base in Rhodes and special one way charters are sometimes available starting from Kos and ending in Rhodes.

In the summer the prevailing wind in the area is the Meltemi annual wind that blows from the North West, usually at force 4-6. During spring and autumn, the wind usually blows from the South East at about force 2-4. There are numerous bays and secure anchorages in the Dodecanese Islands where you can find shelter in case of rough winds.


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