A "True"

In the midst of a new challenging era...

We feel the need to emphasize certain aspects of our corporate environmental policy, initiatives, and practices as an integral part of our core company identity. “True Blue” was created by Istion Yachting to embrace our company’s initiatives and actions that contribute in preserving the awe-inspiring marine environment we all live -and work- in. It is also an open invitation to the yachting community to increase environmental protection awareness within the yachting industry and contribute in an educated manner to keeping the Mediterranean Sea crystal-clear and rich in biodiversity, and our source of livelihood prosperous and sustainable.

We at Istion feel that protecting our fragile marine eco-system must become a common industry practice rather than just a wishful goal; a practice that will inspire and bind current and future generations into collective actions that will result in real and lasting changes.


Caring for and preserving our awe-inspiring marine environment is part of our corporate identity.


Real and lasting change does not materialize overnight. Whether in our HQ office premises, our charter bases, or on board the yachts that constitute the fleet under our management, Istion Yachting effects small steps and simple practices that reduce the environmental footprint of our work, increase our recycling program, and encourage our clients and partners to think and act in an environmentally friendly fashion. 
Being fully aware of the responsibility of operating a fleet of 250+ yachts and executing on average close to 2.5k charters per annum, we apply our environmental protection practices by rigorously training our staff and inviting our guests to uphold them.

We donate decommissioned sails of our boats in order to upcycle them into cleverly-designed, stylish, and practical sailing bags and accessories, thus giving a worn-out genoa or a ripped mainsail a new lease of life and value.

Istion is proud to be the 1st Greek yachting company to launch a very promising and effective cigarette waste recycling program in 2021.

Cigarette butts, containing plastic and toxic chemicals, are known to be one of the most prolific and dangerous litter items in the aquatic environment, especially since they have the nasty propensity to end up, via the digestive system of marine organisms and fishes, squarely in our own plates. Istion Yachting has initiated a long-term campaign combatting cigarette butt pollution and encouraging recycling the remaining residue, by moving towards certifying all of our facilities and yachts as #cigarettefree, and by installing new and robust receptacles on board our vessels as well as in all affiliated marinas and ports to encourage proper disposal and recycling of cigarette waste.