History & Vision

Since Istion’s founding in 1992 by Ioannis Kourounis in Kos island, a very promising twist on the Dodecanese’s yachting infrastructure took place; α booming popularity of this sailing region combined with top quality fleet and excellent services!

With just a handful of yachts available back then, Istion managed to introduce the Dodecanese at a whole new range of sailors as one of the most intriguing & sensational sailing destinations in Greece.

Growth was initially based on the customer-centric approach of providing top-tier services, while also on the cultural output and sheer beauty found in the Dodecanese.


Istion Yachting aspires to reinvent yachting as a vacation choice, as a lifestyle and as an investment strategy...


The years that followed, found Istion Yachting relocating in Athens in 2007, gathering together a multi-disciplinary team of employees with a common passion for the sea, to lead them in a non-stop quest of excellence in various aspects:

Ever growing partnerships, supported by the world’s most renown charter brokers and top shipyards in the industry
Constant expansion in destinations where yachting is popular & introduction of new yachting destinations
Continuous effort to bring company’s provided services to a whole new level, making it a benchmark in the industry
Tightening and strengthening the bonds with its new & existing partners and sailing friends.


2020 finds Istion Yachting in a leading position in the yachting industry in Greece. With recently brand new owned premises in Athens the company remains determined to continuously innovate and develop new strategies and products to boost Greek Tourism.

Truly committed to its vision, Istion Yachting aspires to reinvent yachting as a vacation choice, as a lifestyle and as an investment strategy accessible to broader and more diversified 
groups all over the world through its customized and personalized services.

Cherishing the strong bonds of trust with its guests, its reliable network of yachting specialists and all its sailing friends the company aims to continue its successful course by expanding its horizons and promising innovative services of premium quality.