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Yacht Charters in Volos

Istion's Volos Charter Base

Our charter base on the city of Volos is ideal for exploring the inner city as well as the magnificent picturesque villages surrounding the area.

One can visit the city of Volos from Athens International Airport which is approximately 346 km and 3h 8 min away or from Thessaloniki International Airport which is approximately 235 km and 2h 24 min away.

Volos is one of the largest and most attractive cities in Greece as well as one of the country’s most prominent ports and as people often describe it "the jewel of the Pagasetic Gulf."
Located in the center of mainland’s coastline (320 km north of Athens and 219 km south of Thessaloniki) the wealth of the region and its long history have left their mark on the city’s architecture, which exudes confidence and grandeur.

While you are here:

 • Pathfinding
- Volos castle, in the present-day district of Palia, in the west of the city. It was a great shipbuilding centre where galleys were built, carrying on Magnesia’s great maritime tradition.

- The large park of Agios Konstantinos. Lying on the shore, it is a lovely corner of the city. It was laid out in 1920 by the architect N. Kitsikis and provides recreation and a breath of cool air to residents and visitors alike.

Pelion – home of the Centaurs

Pelion is a place of indescribable beauty. With a breath-taking view over the endless sea, settlements that are architectural gems, and an ancient culture, it welcomes myriads of visitors every year. Lush vegetation and an extensive network of mountain paths enable the visitor to wander through a bewitching land, still echoing to the legendary Centaurs.

Villages in Pelion, like Portaria, Tsangarada, Zagora, Vyzitsa, Milies, and dozens more, with their proud mansions, traditional springs, hospitable guesthouses, create a heaven on earth.
• Tail the sunset
From Pelion, you can reach the beaches overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf or the Aegean Sea, with crystal-clear water and luxuriant vegetation.
Mylopotamos is a beach where the water is warm even in autumn, and the huge rocks there, sculpted by the sea and wind, are a monument to nature providing the best opportunity to gaze at the sunset and feed your eyes with a spectacular view. 
A short distance away are the beaches of Damouchari, with white and pink pebbles, and Chorefto, one of the longest in Greece.
People who love secluded beaches can choose those of Parisaina, Analipsi and Agioi Saranta near Chorefto. The Village of Ai-Giannis, a short distance from Damouchari, is worth a visit for its picturesque taverns with sea views which offer fish dishes.

• Fill your Appetite
The traditional products from Pelion and the surrounding area that the visitor can purchase from the market in Volos are outstanding.
Cheese products are renowned for their rich aromas and spicy flavour. The bright colours and exceptional flavours of spoon sweets, skillfully made to original recipes by women’s cooperatives in Pelion, are truly fascinating. Homemade pasta, liqueurs from mountain fruits, Pelian natural herbs are just some of the choices that will fill the visitor with enthusiasm.

Arrival in Volos Charter Base

If you're heading to our Volos Charter Base you can do so via public transportation or taxi fair from the following destinations: Anchialos, Thessaloniki and Athens.
Alternatively we do offer private transfer should you require the need.
Our offices in Volos are 15' walk from the bus station and the marina is located within 2' walk from our charter base and the taxi station. 

Our newest charter base in Volos port is an ideal gathering point, for yachts, services and of course travelers who seek to explore the city of Volos and navigate the magnificent picturesque villages surrounding the area and the Sporades islands complex as well.

Istion Yachting welcomes travelers in search of low-profile destinations, luxury and relaxation enthusiasts and fans of sailing to find their paradise here:
• fabulously long coastline with captivating sandy beaches,
• quiet fishing villages with a retro charm,
• archeological sites of international radiance,
• sophisticated resorts
• underwater museums with shipwrecks and treasures even of prehistoric times
• protected marine areas of particular scientific, educational and cultural interest

Our boats in Volos are available for both skippered and bareboat rentals and include a wide variety of our most popular sailing yachts and catamarans. 

For more details about our fleet on Volos feel free to contact us at our main office on the marina using the details below or use our online form
For information on arriving in Volos please see our Volos Base Arrival & Procedures PDF.

We look forward to welcoming you to Volos soon!

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Istion Yachting Volos Charter Base

Volos port, Ogl 1, 38221, Volos
Base Manager: Paris Zikos
Tel: +306949549390
E-mail: volos@istion.com

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