9 Reasons to Visit Kos this Summer! | Kos 2020 | Istion Yachting Greece

9 Reasons to Visit Kos this Summer! | Kos 2020

  • Thursday, 18 June 2020
9 Reasons to Visit Kos this Summer! | Kos 2020



Kos is the third biggest Greek islands of the Dodecanese island group and a place that has it all!
Sandy beaches, pristine waters, amazing places for sightseeing, palm trees, peacocks (Truthfully!), vivid nightlife, water sports centers… We could go on and on about it and never ever truly finish.

Geographically located between Kalymnos and Nisyros, Kos has a rich history, influenced by many cultures. Therefore, sightseeing in Kos is more than enjoyable!
Our yacht charter base on the island of Kos is perfect for exploring the Dodecanese Islands including the popular Rhodes and Patmos, the relaxed Leros, Symi and Tilos and the beautiful islands of Astypalaia and Kastellorizo (our favorites!).
You are free to choose which islands you visit and which route you take! Kos is easily accessible by charter flights from many European countries and is a short connecting flight for those flying into Athens.
Our boats in Kos are available for both skippered and bareboat rentals and include a wide variety of our most popular sailing yachts and catamarans. Special charter arrangements are also available including single day charters and rentals for special events including company excursions, weddings and honeymoon trips.
Need more info on how to get to Kos? See our Kos Base Arrival & Procedures PDF.

Interested already about visiting Kos? Check out our 7-days charter itinerary which includes a majestic island hoping experience across the archipelago of Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos and Pserimos!
So let's dive in and check why Kos is a top destination for this summer.


1. Rich archaeological presence

kos asklipion greece.jpg
Kos is an island rich in archaeological monuments, perhaps the most culturally enriched island in the dodecanese.
Touring the island you get to see numerous archaeological sites that are perfectly maintained to this day.
3.5 km northwest of Kos town, at the slopes of a low mount with a view at the coasts of Asia Minor, there is the monumental complex of Asclepio and his impressive sanctuary which was built in order to honor the figurative symbol of health and medicine Asclepius.

Additionally Kos Basilicas of Agios Stefanos is a complex of two early Christian churches from the 5th century BC which in early times were connected with the islet of Kastri.
Other notable archaeological attractions are the ancient agora which are the remains of the ancient town of Kos, the Kastri islet, the ancient gymnasium, the casa romana which is a magnificent roman mansion, the ancient temple of Dionyssus etc.


2. Entertainment and nightlife

Albergo Gelsomino kos

What really happens if you ‘re not up for the secluded, calm and isolated vacations in Kos and wish to disembark your stylish yacht and have a look in what’s really hopping in the island?
Fear not for Kos is a worldwide major tourist attraction that has nothing to be jealous of Mykonos and Santorini.
Lounge bars, bistros, contemporary cuisine, traditional taverns as well as restaurants with exquisite tastes and breathtaking views are just a basic sample of what to expect in the island of Kos.
The most popular bars and restaurants are located in the center of the town of Kos along with several nightclubs varying in music genres.
For the scenic-type island dwellers and the most picturesque resorts and bars across the coastline and various villages of Kos one can visit Agios Stefanos, Zia, and Tigaki village.
*For fine dining experience and elegant gourmet tastes make sure you visit the enchanting Cuvee restaurant and gaze at the sunset as well as one of Kos most iconic landmarks, Albergo Gelsomino restaurant.


3. Cycling

The island of Kos is very well known for its carefully structured cycle lanes and is the place to be for all cycling enthusiasts in order to get to know with the island’s special spots for sightseeing.
Therefore Kos is super bicycle-friendly as bicycle parking facilities can be found all over the island, including beaches so do not hesitate to cycle out beyond the city and go totally uncharted.
There are also guided mountain bike excursion tours offered by local tour agencies.


4. Water springs


Another thing to do with your plus 1, friends or family is to visit the hot water springs located at Agios Fokas.
The hot springs are located in a small secluded lake filled with thermal waters that range from 42°C to 50°C at Ebros Thermes, right at the southern coast of the island.
The water coming from the fissured rocks is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and sodium which makes this an ideal place to go if you’re in need of spiritual healing or simply need to address sudden skin irritations, rheumatism and arthritis.
In order to go there you must walk 250 meters across a pebbled beach. However this area is totally uncharted and is located at the bottom of a cliff - Instagram hot spot - where you can view the entire island.


5. Sandy or pebbly beaches with pristine waters


True to Dodecanese fashion Kos has majestic waters and golden beaches! Kos is famous for its wide variety of beaches - be it sandy or pebbly, fully organized beach bars or quiet, secluded and even uncharted ones all available for you to experience and discover.


Via the comfort of your yacht you can free roam and explore whichever beach best suits your taste.
Tigaki beach which is perfect for families and the ones who wish relaxation, Marmari and Mastichari beaches which are ideal for water sports enthusiasts and fans of windsurfing as well as the bay of Kefalos and its beach complex consisting of Golden, Exotic, Magic, Camel and Cavo Paradiso.


*special attention to the most notable beach in the entirety of Kos, Agios Stefanos in the bay of Kefalos (mentioned in reason no1) is the most photogenic beach and most popular Instagram spot due to its golden sand and the picturesque remains of an early Christian temple which dug up floor patterns and mosaic architecture makes you feel that you’ve found a lost treasure.



6. Watersports


Kos is quite popular among the Dodecanese for its plethora of watersports services rendering some of them exclusive to the island of Kos. All interested sea dogs and thrill-seekers alike can test their skills in kitesurfing, windsurfing found in most beaches on the island as well as scuba diving due to the island’s strong volcanic background. Scuba diving services are offered widely across the island as underwater reefs and caverns formed by several terrestrial fissures have provided the perfect opportunity for adventure seekers and scuba enthusiasts to grab their favorite gear and explore.


7. Rich and rare culinary culture


There is an abundance of local delicacies and traditional alas refined tastes one can seek in the island of Kos.
Explore new tastes nowhere to be found in Greece. Homemade Pitardia which is handmade lasagna – type pasta cooked in broth and also a local favorite. Lambropites, small pies consisted of mizithra cheese, marmarites which are pancakes made in a strictly traditional ritual (cooked on marble} best served with local-made honey.


8. Wine-tasting


Kos is also popular for its long history of wine-making tracing back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates who praised the healing properties and benefits of locally produced Melantanon. Visit a wide variety of fully operational wineries and get to know with local favorites such as Malagouzia and Assyrtiko as well as internationally known wines as Chardonnay and Merlot.


9. Chasing Sunsets


Concluding our visual journey to Kos as a true trip should always end, gazing the sunset. Apart from the luxurious comfort of your yacht where you can always chase the sunset through uncharted and isolated shorelines with minimal to no people in sight so that you can fully appreciate the view one may seek alternative sightseeing routes. Such is the case of Agios Theologos beach situated in the western part of Kos or up to the castle of Old Pyli which views grace the entire island. Additionally the village of Zia provides amazing views and is only 16km away from the town of Kos.

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